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  • The Global Asthma Network strives for a world where no-one suffers from asthma

  • The Global Asthma Network is the asthma surveillance hub for the world

  • The Global Asthma Network researches ways of reducing the burden of asthma

  • The Global Asthma Network promotes access to appropriate asthma management

  • The Global Asthma Network stimulates and encourages capacity building in LMICs

  • The Global Asthma Network strives to ensure access to quality-assured essential asthma medications

  • The Global Asthma Network raises the profile of asthma as a major NCD

13. Registration Document

The registration form below is given as an example only. To register with the Global Asthma Network please visit our registration page


1. Please complete the Global Asthma Network Registration Document to register as a Global Asthma Network Centre

2. If insufficient space has been provided, please use an appropriately numbered continuation page

3. Once completed, please retain a copy for your records and send a copy to the GAN Global Centre by fax, email, mail or complete on line.

Address: Philippa Ellwood, the GAN Global Centre, Division of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland New Zealand. Fax: 64 9 3737602. or complete on line:

Global Asthma Network Region:


Country Name _______________________________

Country Number _______

Centre Name ________________________________

Centre Number ________

1. Date of completion: _____________________

2. Principal Investigator details:

Name: __________________________________________________

Position: _________________

Institution: _____________

Postal Address: ____________




3. Other main collaborators (Names, email addresses and role)


Please state the name and email address of the person who will be the person that the GAN Global Centre communicates with regarding the study.

4. Basic details of the planned Global Asthma Network study


a) Questionnaire to 13/14 year olds  

   (Compulsory core and environmental/management)


b) Video questionnaire to 13/14 year olds

   (International version (Strongly recommended)


c) Questionnaire to parents of 13/14 year olds

 (ADULTS) (Strongly recommended)


d) Questionnaire for 6/7 year olds (parental completion)

  (Strongly recommended)


e) Questionnaire to parents of 6/7 year olds

   (ADULTS) (Strongly recommended)


f) Are you planning to add other assessments to your Protocol?

If YES, please provide brief details and send a copy of the questionnaires to the GAN Global Centre.

5.      Other studies

Have there been prevalence studies of asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, atopic eczema, or other respiratory disease (particularly concerning children) in the chosen study area within the last 10 years?

If yes please give brief details

6.      Data sharing

I agree that my data can be made available on the Global Asthma Network website following completion of the data analysis for the  global publications.

                                                                                                            Yes                No

7.      Declaration

I agree to undertake Global Asthma Network study in the manner described in the Global Asthma Network Manual.

Name (print):

Signature: _____________________________

Date: _____________________________