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  • The Global Asthma Network researches ways of reducing the burden of asthma

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  • The Global Asthma Network raises the profile of asthma as a major NCD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the Video Questionnaire be used for the Adult group?

A. Yes. We do not, however expect the data to be sent to us at the GAN Global Centre (Auckland) or to the Data Centres (London and Murcia). Centres may wish to use the video, for example if they have a high illiteracy level as this might help them to understand the written questionnaire (therefore the video would need to be shown before the written questionnaires).

Q. My centre has a 100% response rate. Is this common?

A. It is not common to have a 100% response rate, however it could happen particularly in the 13/14 year age group, as mostly 2 visits are undertaken and the absentees on the first visit could be captured on the second visit. We do not believe that many centres will achieve a 100% response rate though, as you would need to have 100% taking part in every school that you went to.

Q. I sampled by grade/level/year. Do you want the data for the few older and younger participants sent to you?

A. Yes. If you sampled by grade/level/year we expect the data for everyone to be sent to us including the older/younger participants. However if you sampled by age group only, then we expect data only for the 13/14 and 6/7 year olds to be sent in. The Centre Report has questions relating to the method of sampling in it.

Q. I am having difficulty getting the questionnaires back from the Adult group. Do you have any ideas?

A. As it is the first time that the Adult group have been included, we do not know how successful this will be. We suggest that you involve the school in this discussion as they may provide a solution, such as suggestion to send the survey out by email. Anything that you might think could improve participation should be considered. If a school has a high illiteracy rate fieldworkers could perhaps visit the school in the evening and invite the parents to attend this meeting, so that they could be assisted in answering the questionnaire.