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  • The Global Asthma Network strives for a world where no-one suffers from asthma

  • The Global Asthma Network is the asthma surveillance hub for the world

  • The Global Asthma Network researches ways of reducing the burden of asthma

  • The Global Asthma Network promotes access to appropriate asthma management

  • The Global Asthma Network stimulates and encourages capacity building in LMICs

  • The Global Asthma Network strives to ensure access to quality-assured essential asthma medications

  • The Global Asthma Network raises the profile of asthma as a major NCD

Respiratory and Allergy Organisations


The Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS) has been created to provide a new impetus to respiratory medicine in Africa. It aims to inform African resolutions for African problems and provide solutions to suit specific situations.

Africa is the continent most afflicted by morbidity and death from respiratory disease. As well as the burden of pneumonia and HIV-related respiratory illness including TB, there is an increasing problem with asthma and tobacco related disease. Biomass fuel use is ubiquitous and likely to be a major contributor to the prevalence of both pulmonary infection and COPD. Children under 15 years make up almost 50% of the population in African countries; childhood respiratory illness is the major cause of pediatric morbidity, health care utilization and mortality in Africa.

The role of PATS is to try and unite all interested groups and individuals across the continent toward finding appropriate solutions to these challenges. PATS role must be to inform, to sensitise, and to educate.