Vision, Mission and Values


A world where no-one suffers from asthma


To prevent asthma and improve asthma care globally with a focus on low and middle income countries. The network will achieve this through enhanced surveillance, research, capacity building, and access to effective asthma care including quality assured essential medicines.


The Global Asthma Network embraces these values:

  • collaboration
  • empowerment
  • solidarity
  • independence
  • quality
  • accountability

It will work to ensure that these values are a guiding force in all of its activities.

Attention GAN Collaborators

Our network has been targeted by an email scam. If you receive any unusual requests for assistance from any of the steering group members, please ignore it.

These emails are a common scam that has also targeted many other organisations. Please note we will never make any request for financial assistance from our collaborators. If you have any questions please contact us at