Dr Eva Morales

Joined 2020


Eva Morales is a medical epidemiologist by training and has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a Master in Public Health. She is principal investigator at the Biomedical Research Institute of Murcia (IMIB-Arrixaca) and adjunct professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Murcia.

Her main research lines focus on maternal and child health to understand early development of human complex diseases, including asthma and allergy, and environmental and molecular epidemiology to investigate the impact and biological mechanisms of environmental stressors on maternal and child health analyzing data of cutting-edge longitudinal birth cohort studies. She is currently co-coordinator of the Nutrition in Early Life and Asthma (NELA) birth cohort study (www.nela.imib.es).

Dr Eva Morales

Biomedical Research Institute of Murcia (IMIB-Arrixaca) and Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Murcia
Edificio Departamental-Laib
Avenida Buenavista s/n
30120 El Palmar

Email: evamorales@um.es